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5 Must-See Sessions at the Game Developers Conference

February 22, 2017

GDC 2017: Top 5 Must-See Sessions

Before you know it, the annual Game Developers Conference will be taking place in San Francisco! GDC begins on February 27th and goes on till March 3rd with the last three days featuring the expo, as well. Both the conference and expo will highlight a practically infinite number of brands and institutions like E3, Firebrand Games, HYPEREAL, Nintendo, and much more. As for the conference sessions, where should you begin?

Here are our top 5 must-see sessions to check out while you’re at Game Developers Conference.

  1. Increasing VR Presence: From Believable Character Behaviors to Developing with the New PlayStation®VR Aim Controller (Presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment America)
  2. Fraud and Your Game Economy (Presented by Digital River)
  3. We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Why the Mobile App Economy Needs Greater Control and Transparency (Presented by ONE by AOL)
  4. How To Grow Casual Games For The Long Term (Presented By Applovin)
  5. VR Best Practices: Putting The Fun In VR Funhouse (Presented By Nvidia)

Looking through the Game Developers Conference schedule, anyone can see that VR is making big waves and is the way of future. Lots of big and small game companies are putting in money and research to see its potential and possibilities. The conference provides an inclusive look at game development and couples not only the programming, storytelling, and game design, but also the the business, marketing, and sales side. It’s an exciting time to be involved in game development no matter your specialty. GDC 2017 is the perfect spot to learn more about trends and happenings, network with other industry professionals, attend trainings and exchange knowledge with the best in the game.

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